Indigo Power renewable energy roadshow travels across North East

The retailer’s plan was always to hold a series of community meetings in different towns to explain what it is and how it is different to other energy companies.

Its customers generate power for their own homes and buy and sell with others in the region, with the rest of the required energy coming from the grid for now.

Indigo Power managing director Ben McGowan said the community energy retailer, based in Beechworth, was about taking action on climate change and investing in renewable energy.

“Electricity is the largest driver of climate change and takes $190 million out of our region each year. Together we can change that,” he said.

“We wanted to show that local communities could make a change.

“By setting up Indigo Power we are demonstrating that regional communities are leading on transitioning our grid to renewable energy, and keeping electricity dollars in our region at the same time.

“Indigo Power is rolling out community energy hubs right across the region, offering a chance for residents to join in and share locally generated renewable energy with their neighbours.”

Half of the retailer’s profits will go back to its shareholders and the other half will be invested in energy projects in the region.

The energy roadshow will travel to some of the communities hit by bushfires over the past few months – last month the retailer stated the month-long delay was “to allow communities the time to recover and heal”.

There will be 14 sessions over the next month, starting at Cheshunt Town Hall at 6pm on Wednesday.

Other venues include Wodonga on Thursday, Corryong on March 19, Mount Beauty on March 20 and Wangaratta on March 25.

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