Partnerships, Qualifications & Accreditations

New Energy Tech Approved Sellers

Solar Integrity are a part of a network carefully vetted and accredited solar retailers who adhere to the highest standards of quality, consumer protection, and ethical business practices. As a New Energy Tech Approved Seller, we proudly hold ourselves to a rigorous code of conduct, ensuring you receive transparent and accurate quotes, expert design and installation, high-quality and reliable products, and of course – reliable After-Sales Service.

Choosing a New Energy Tech Approved Seller is like choosing a trusted partner in your journey towards energy independence. We are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your solar investment.

Clean Energy Council Member

Quality Partnerships for superior outcomes

We take pride in our partnerships & accreditations within the renewable sector, a testament to our top-notch service, and recognition of our installation quality via awards and regular word of mouth recommendations.

Our industry wide collaborations not only grant us access to the latest industry training and developments, but also gains us relationships with the top of the line suppliers, such as Tesla and REC at highly competitive rates.

We constantly work to widen our industry expertise, professional connections, and valuable relationships.

This systematic networking method simply translates to a better rend result for our customers.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installers

To become a CEC-approved solar installer and designer, you must have an electrical license, a work at heights certification, successfully completed the required trainings and a strong understanding of solar systems. Solar & battery installers then also must undertake annual professional development courses to keep their accreditations.

This means our installers and designers are highly qualified and experienced in designing, installing, and operating residential, commercial and grid, hybrid and Off-Grid solar energy solutions.

Once they have completed your installation, they handle all the paperwork with the energy distributor and your retailer on your behalf.

To clarify, CEC-accredited installers are individuals, not businesses. So, while Solar Integrity is not an Accredited Installer company-wide, every installation we undertake is performed by our CEC Accredited Installers. This ensures that you receive a safe and reliable solar system on your property.

NECA Member

Industry Memberships

At Solar Integrity, we are proud to be members of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). NECA is the peak industry body representing the interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry across Australia.

Membership signifies a commitment to quality, safety, and advancement within the industry, providing Australian electrical and communications businesses with a platform for collaboration, networking, and professional development.

As a NECA member, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solar installations, backed by the support and resources of a leading industry association.

Solar Integrity also subscribe to the NECA HSEQ Management System (Health Safety, Environment & Quality). This allows us to ensure that we are compliant in our health and safety systems.

Smart Energy Council

At Solar Integrity, we are proud to be members of the Smart Energy Council for Small Business.

The Smart Energy Council is the independent body for the Australian Solar and Battery industry, and its Small Business Membership is designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses that are passionate about driving the transition to a smart energy future

The Council runs events, educational training seminars and advocates on important issue for the industry, such as safety, standards and professional conduct.


Your Energy Answers PARTNER

Solar Integrity is honored to be selected as a trusted partner by Your Energy Answers. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to sustainable and long-lasting energy solutions.

Our inclusion in Your Energy Answers’ carefully curated list of recommended installers reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional service and aligning with their values.

We are proud to be recognised not only as a service provider but as one of Your Energy Partners, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Your Energy Answers Partners