Origin Loop VPP Partner

We are your Origin Preferred Partner

We at Solar Integrity have partnered with Origin Energy to allow you to join their virtual power plant, Origin Loop.

Solar Integrity customers with compatible Origin Loop systems can access this great offer from Origin when joining Origin Loop, and signing up to any Origin electricity plan.  For a long time we have said that one day you will be paid for exporting battery power, that day has come and we’re excited.

Plus, there are no lock-in contracts when joining Origin Loop.

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What is Origin Loop?

Think of the Loop virtual power plant (VPP) as a new, technology-centred energy grid. It uses its smarts to assess when energy is most needed. Then, it coordinates thousands of energy assets to work together like a mini power station to manage supply and demand. Your home solar battery is one of these assets, and is an important source of renewable energy that’s used to support the wider network.

How does Origin Loop work?

We’re all about working together to reduce power bills, manage the grid and keep all that good energy flowing. That’s why we’re inviting Solar Integrity customers to join their growing network of connected solar batteries.

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    Excess energy from your solar panels is stored in your battery, allowing you to continue using solar after the sun has set.

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    From time to time, it can also be distributed to the grid in periods of peak demand.

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    Which can then help power other houses and our transition to renewable sources.

Benefits of joining Origin Loop

  • $400 sign up bonus – applied as a credit to your Origin electricity bill
  • $1/kWh – for energy from your battery sent to the electricity grid during Origin Loop events
  • 200 kWh annual cap on energy export – we’ll never take more than this from your battery each year

What you need to join Origin Loop

  • A compatible battery and inverter installed at your home
  • An operational solar system of at least 5kW capacity, that is compatible with your inverter
  • Continuous and reliable internet connection
  • An active Origin electricity plan

Unfortunately, if you or anyone in your home is reliant on life support equipment, you’ll be ineligible to join the Loop.

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What energy plan will I be on?

Whichever plan tickles your fancy! You’re in total control of what electricity plan you choose.

How do I know if I have a compatible battery and inverter?

Any battery connected to the following models of Sungrow, LG or Goodwe hybrid inverters:

  • Sungrow SH5.0RS
  • Sungrow SH6.0RS
  • Sungrow SH8.0RS
  • Sungrow SH10.0RS
  • Sungrow SH5.0RT
  • Sungrow SH10RT
  • LG ES-5048
  • LG ES-5048 NS
  • Goodwe inverters from the ES, EM, SBP, ES G2, SBP G2 or BP series
  • Goodwe inverters ET, EH, BT, BH, EHB or ET15-30K series
  • Goodwe inverters A-ES or A-BP series

Tesla Powerwall batteries are also eligible (these do not have a separate inverter).

Is there a minimum term?

There is no minimum term. If you choose to leave Origin Loop VPP (we hope not!) email loop@origin.com.au and we’ll get in touch with what will happen next. You are free to leave any time.

When will I receive my sign-up bonus?

You’ll see it on the first electricity bill you receive after you’ve agreed to our VPP Terms and Conditions and your battery is fully connected with Origin Loop. This usually takes up to one month.

What happens if there’s a blackout during a peak demand event?

If a blackout occurs, we won’t discharge any energy from your battery to send to the grid.

Will I receive solar feed in tariffs?

You certainly will! You’ll receive a total feed-in-tariff (as described in the Details section of your energy plan’s contract pack) for any electricity you export to the grid.