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With thousands of installations since 2011 throughout Albury-Wodonga and surrounding regions, we know a bit about warranties.

When it comes to solar warranties, one will notice that many products, but especially panels give you very long warranty periods, some of them as long as 25 years.

There is a lot to unravel here, what does the warranty mean? What’s the difference between a product warranty and a performance warranty? Keep reading to learn more.

To make warranty claims straight forward it is important that one has chosen lasting products from a reputable brand which has been installed competently.

Well-known solar brands with a solid reputation are synonymous with quality. They have a track record of manufacturing durable products that can withstand wear and tear over the longer period, meaning fewer replacements and repairs, and less warranty claims.

A warranty is only as good as the company backing it. Established brands usually offer more comprehensive warranties because they stand behind their products, and have more to lose if their reputation gets tarnished.

They are also more likely to be around in the future to honour their warranties should you need to make a claim.

Solar Integrity only recommends products and brands that have already proven their performance in Australia, meaning  the likelihood of a warranty claim is less.

Should you have any issue with your Solar & Battery System, please reach out.


The Product Warranty explained

The Product Warranty: on solar panels can range from 10 to 25+ years, depending on brand and model. Generally, the longer the better, however you still need to understand the warranty to consider it fully. A high-quality solar panel is designed to last 25 years. A product warrant should cover defects in materials or manufacturing.

String Inverters typically have a product warranty that lasts between 5 and 10 years, but this can vary by manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties for an additional cost. SolarEdge products can have longer warranties, some of them extending to 25 years.

Racking systems are the mounting frames that hold solar panels in place. Warranties for racking systems typically range from 10 to 25 years and cover the integrity of the mounting structures and their ability to sustain the panels securely.

It’s important to note that product warranties are often contingent upon the products being installed correctly and used under normal conditions.

Labor costs for repairs are not always covered under warranty. Some manufacturers include labour for a certain period eg 5 years and then the 2nd 5 years only covers materials.

The Panel Performance Warranty

The Panel Performance Warranty is often mistaken for the product warranty. This warranty is limited.

Solar panels come with a performance warranty that guarantees a certain level of electrical production over a specified period, often 25 years. The warranty typically ensures that the panels will produce at least 80-90% of their rated power output by the end of the warranty period.

Higher quality panels such as REC  degrade less over the decades, meaning you get more power from your renewable energy system over the years.

To ensure you fully understand the warranty specifics for your solar power system components, it’s important to read the warranty documents provided by the manufacturer. feel free to ask us to clarify any details, which are not clear to you.

We would be happy to walk you through what’s covered and what’s not, the claim process, and how to maintain your system to stay within warranty guidelines.


What is the Workmanship Warranty?

At Solar Integrity we employ our own accredited solar installers and electrical apprentices. We do not subcontract our solar installations, as we seek to stay on top of the workmanship quality. 

The workmanship warranty, which is provided by Solar Integrity safeguards the quality of the installation itself for a period of five years, after install.

This warranty covers any issues arising from the actual installation process, including faulty wiring, any attachment points like the way panels are fastened or inverters are connected.

Should such problems arise, Solar Integrity is here to support you.

This warranty stands distinct from the manufacturer’s product or performance warranties, which covers the solar panels and other hardware components.

Our workmanship warranty instills confidence in homeowners that Solar Integrity stands behind its work and will promptly address any defects related to the installation, ensuring that the solar & battery system operates flawlessly and efficiently as intended.

It safeguards your investment in solar energy and the integrity of your property.

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