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Solar batteries, where cutting-edge technology meets energy independence. Our range of battery solutions caters for a range of budgets, ensuring that you can choose a system that aligns with your financial comfort while stepping into a solar & battery combo.

Our solar batteries are designed to harness and store the abundance of solar energy produced during peak sunlight hours. This storage capability empowers you to maximise the use of your solar electricity round the clock, especially in the evenings when the sun sets, but your energy needs can rise.

By relying more on the energy you produce, you significantly reduce your dependence on the grid, which translates into enhanced energy security.

Solar power and battery storage also play a vital role in bushfire mitigation by providing alternative, resilient energy sources. Solar panels, coupled with battery systems, offer energy independence, allowing homes and communities to operate off-grid during power grid failures, which are common during bushfires. These systems contribute to emergency preparedness by ensuring a reliable power supply for critical appliances and devices during evacuations.

This means that during unexpected power outages, you can continue to enjoy the modern comforts of your home—from preserving perishable food items in your fridge to cooking your favorite meals, and staying entertained with your favorite movies. Step into a world of self-reliance and uninterrupted comfort with our solar & battery systems.


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BYD Battery Storage

BYD home battery storage solutions are at the forefront of energy storage technology, offering reliability and efficiency.

Renowned for their unmatched safety, these systems employ lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, a standout for its inherent stability and endurance. This choice of material not only ensures maximum protection against incidents such as overheating but also contributes to the battery’s impressively long lifespan, promising years of dependable service.

With an extensive cycle life, BYD batteries are designed to endure the rigorous demands of frequent charging and discharging, maintaining their capacity over time.

This resilience translates into consistent performance, ensuring that your home remains powered through outages or as a robust backup for essential appliances.

The high power output of BYD batteries further underscores their capability, enabling them to handle high-load appliances with ease. When it comes to sustainable and secure energy solutions, BYD’s home battery systems are a wise investment for solar powered home.

BYD battery systems can also be expanded as people’s needs grow.

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SolarEdge Batteries

The SolarEdge Energy Bank is a versatile and efficient lithium-ion solar battery system that comes in two options: the Home Battery 400V for single-phase inverters and the Home Battery 48V for three-phase inverters.

With a usable capacity of 9.7 kilowatt-hours (kWh), the SolarEdge Energy Bank can provide 5 kilowatts (kW) of continuous power, making it a reliable energy storage solution for residential use. This highly efficient battery boasts up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency, ensuring that the energy captured from your solar panels is not wasted.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with solar panel systems, the SolarEdge Home Battery is ideal for maximizing solar savings, especially in areas where utilities have changed their net metering policies, introduced time-of-use rates, or implemented demand charges.

A single unit of this battery can power essential home appliances such as refrigerators, lights, WiFi routers, televisions, and device chargers for up to 45 hours, demonstrating its ability to provide ample backup power during outages or peak demand periods.

SolarEdge batteries offer exceptional performance and reliability for those seeking to enhance their solar energy systems.  These batteries work seamlessly with SolarEdge inverters, allowing easy monitoring and control through a user-friendly app.

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PowerPlus Batteries

PowerPlus energy storage systems are well known for adaptability and steadfast performance. They come in individual units, allowing for scalability. They are  capable of expanding to accommodate the specific energy needs of a particular residential and commercial  installation.

The systems are engineered for seamless compatibility with any solar arrays and generators, enhancing their appeal for off-grid applications where reliability is not just desired but very essential.

Safety is a cornerstone of PowerPlus technology, providing users with the assurance that their energy storage solution is built with the highest safety standards in mind.

Coupled with this, PowerPlus offers a substantial 10-year premium warranty, solidifying customer confidence in their long-term energy investments.

Whether for daily use or as a safeguard against power outages, PowerPlus stands as a smart and secure choice in energy storage, empowering users with uninterrupted power supply and exceptional service assurance.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 battery

Tesla Powerwall batteries represent a cutting-edge solution for elevating solar energy systems.

These batteries are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability. They have been in Australia for many years, operating reliably. They effectively store surplus energy generated by solar panels, enabling its use during the night or peak-demand periods.

Because they use AC technology, they are relatively straightforward to retrofit to existing solar systems.

Tesla Powerwall  2 batteries are seamlessly integrated with your home and offer a user-friendly app for monitoring and control, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Their sleek design means that they enhance your home and can be installed inside a garage or outside, for example on a southern brick wall.

By enhancing energy self-sufficiency, increasing independence from the grid, and contributing to reduced environmental impact, Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries are a compelling choice for those looking to optimise their solar power system with state-of-the-art technology.

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LG Battery

LG Energy Solution batteries are an excellent choice for those looking to expand the functionality of their solar energy systems. These batteries are celebrated for their  performance. They efficiently store excess energy generated by solar panels, ensuring it’s readily available during the evening or periods of high electricity demand.

They have a high energy density and come as low and high-voltage options.

LG Energy Solution’s compatibility with various inverters and user-friendly monitoring systems make them a seamless addition to any solar setup.

By bolstering energy independence, self-sufficiency, and the potential to reduce environmental impact, LG Energy Solution batteries are a wise and sustainable option for optimising your solar power system.

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Our Quality Home Battery Packages

Quality equipment is one thing, but it's the quality installation with a trusted local installer that guarantee a piece of mind

5.1 kWh

BYD HVS 5.1 kWh
BYD Battery Box Premium HVS 5.1 kWh Lithium Battery Tower
  • 5.1 kWh usable capacity
  • Smart phone app monitoring
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • 10 year performance warranty
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BYD HVS 10.2kWh
BYD Battery Box Premium HVS 10.2 kWh Lithium Battery Tower
  • 10.2 kWh usable capacity
  • Smart phone app monitoring
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • 10 year performance warranty
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Tesla Powerwall
  • 13.5 kWh usable capacity
  • Smart phone app monitoring
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • 10 year performance warranty
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*Pricing may vary based on factors such as installation complexity, equipment specifications, and other project-specific requirements. Please consult with our team for a personalized quote tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.
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