Quality Solar Panels

We only use the very best

Solar Integrity is a reputable solar power and battery installation company with years of experience. We design custom solar power systems that incorporate innovative solutions and products to meet the needs and budgets of our customers.

Investing in superior solar panels through Solar Integrity is advantageous for long-term cost savings and system reliability.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the use of solutions and products that are suited to the Albury-Wodonga region’s weather conditions, as well as aligning with customer needs and budgets.

We only recommend products that we have researched extensively including the financial stability, warranty support, modern slavery statements and more, of the manufacturers.

High-quality panels from reputable providers offer higher efficiency, converting more sunlight into electricity and maximising energy yields for every hour of sunlight.

This efficiency translates into significant savings over the panels’ lifespan.  Furthermore, top-quality panels typically experience slower degradation, ensuring peak performance for years and minimising the likelihood of early replacement costs.

The robust warranties associated with reliable panel brands underscore Solar Integrity’s dedication to customer satisfaction, offering additional financial protection and peace of mind that your investment is secure against future issues.

Finally we only use solar panels with robust warranties.

REC Solar panels

Solar Integrity chooses REC solar panels as our preferred solar panel manufacturer because of their outstanding reputation for quality and performance.

REC has been in Australia for over a decade and their panels are manufactured in Singapore in a state-of-the-art factory. We did our due diligence when choosing REC, we considered things like raw material sourcing to ensure no slave labour is involved, we looked at their environmental policy particularly around waste, and we plant to visit their factory soon for a personal tour, as we have other manufacturers in the past.

REC solar panels are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, durability, and impressive energy output. They offer one of the best panels available on the market with strong and long 25-year product warranties.

We prioritise providing our customers with the best and most reliable solar solutions, and REC’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission.

By using REC solar panels, we ensure that our customers benefit from a top-quality solar system that maximises energy production and longevity while also contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly energy future.

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Trina Solar panels

Trina Solar is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels worldwide. Since 2008, Trina Solar has established a strong foothold in Australia, becoming the leading Chinese brand in the region.

Their specialisation in high-quality photovoltaic (PV) modules is evident, with millions of their panels installed across Australian and New Zealand homes.

Their longevity and prominence in the market reflect a proven track record of reliability and performance.

Trina Solar’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that Australian consumers are accessing some of the best solar technology available, promising efficiency and durability in the demanding Australian climate.

Every year they bring out new improved models , which have gone from a 250W powerclass a decade ago to over 430W per residential panel now.

Trina also has a strong presence in the Australian commercial and  global solar industry.

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Our Quality Residential Home Solar Packages

Quality equipment is one thing, but it's the quality installation with a trusted local installer that guarantee a piece of mind


Ideal for small families
  • REC SOLAR PANELS (25yr warranty)
  • Fronius Inverter
  • Clenergy pitched roof solar mounting
  • Available on finance
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Ideal for growing families
  • REC SOLAR PANELS (25yr warranty)
  • Solar Edge Inverter
  • Clenergy pitched roof solar mounting
  • Available on finance
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Ideal for large families
  • REC SOLAR PANELS (25yr warranty)
  • Fronius inverter
  • Clenergy pitched roof solar mounting
  • Available on finance
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*Pricing may vary based on factors such as installation complexity, equipment specifications, and other project-specific requirements. Please consult with our team for a personalized quote tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.
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