Mondo VPP

The Victorian Government released funding in 2022 for trials of Virtual Power Plants (VPP). This was to create scenarios that they could study to see how introducing control systems like being able to heat hot water during peak solar times, virtually sharing power between a group of people can aid the consumer and assist in network stability and efficiency and ultimately assisting communities to become more resilient in energy security.

This project saw us install over 130 solar and battery systems across North East Victoria. Many customers also took advantage of the timing and chose to upgrade their hot water systems to the Reclaim Heat Pump that is then powered by their solar systems giving free hot water as well.

Pilot programs like this are what will shape the future of our energy markets in the future. Learning how customers are interested in engaging with retailers not only for their benefit but that of their community as well. Also, the role that technology plays in our transition to renewables and how homeowners are now playing a pivotal role as generators.