Indigo Power Commercial Solar Projects

Indigo Power is a community owned electricity retailer based right here in the North East of Victoria and Border NSW Region. They are a certified social enterprise. Solar Integrity has been blessed to be chosen as a delivery partner on a number of their renewable energy projects.

We were very proud to complete the 29.8kW solar system on the Old Beechworth Gaol.

This system is designed with expansion in mind,. As the site expands with new tenants they will be able to expand their solar system to service the new tenant’s needs.

They are also able to sell their excess solar power to Indigo Power where it can be used elsewhere in the community through their customers. This project was an interesting one with so much community support and and one that will always be a favourite of ours with such significant history involved in the site.

We had to adhere to Heritage Victoria’s requirements to ensure that the panels did not disrupt the heritage site. We used LG solar panels paired with Fronius inverters and a Mondo Power UBI for energy monitoring. The annual power output of this system is more than 46,000 kWh.

Another commercial partnership with Indigo Power delivered the 17.5kw DELWP Hume & Taungurung Land & Water Council project.  The annual output from such as system is expected to be close to 27,000 kWh.

Indigo Power are all about community partnerships and this one excelled. We installed 50 x LG solar panels with a Fronius inverter and Mondo Power UBI for full monitoring. This like other Indigo Power projects will allow for community energy sharing.