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Solar Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a red/orange/fault light coming on on my inverter, what does this mean?

What is a feed in tariff?

What should I be getting paid for the solar that I am sending out to the grid?

Should I notify my insurance company that I have solar?

Who should I call if I have problem with my system?

I haven’t noticed any change in my bill.

What does net metering mean?

What retailer should I use?

What constitutes an emergency?  And when should I call the emergency number?

My solar system drops out regularly during the day

Is my system battery ready?

When should I look at adding batteries?

What size is my system?

 I have just had a letter asking to audit my system, what does this mean?  Should I do it?

I can’t find the email that you sent me with all the documents relating to my system, what do I do?

How often should my panels be cleaned?

How do I shut down and restart my solar system

I haven’t noticed any change in my bill.

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